Fuzo's Mission

    To Create an Open Trusted Transaction Platform for All the World


    Anyone <> Anywhere <> Anytime



    Financial Inclusion as Service


    Blockchain Identity / Security Token

    Extensible Platform / Developer Support

    Distributed Financial System Platform

    AnyMobile <> AnyWhere <> AnyTime

  • Blockchain Infrastructure Expertise


    1. Chris Brock - CEO
    2. Leon-Gerard Vandenberg - CTO
    3. Frank Falco - COO
    4. Chris Seatory - Lead DEV

    Lead Investors:

    1. Coinsilium or @CoinsiliumGroup - UK
    2. Dominet Digital Investments - AU

    Analyst snapshot: Magister Advisors UK

  • How will Fuzo do this?

    via our

    Blockchain Ready HD Wallet

    OverlaySIM form-factor

    This is our permissionless, ubiquitous and disruptive platform

    Any Blockchain < or > The Blockchain

    Rigorously Tested - Overlay SIM

    Experienced SIM Industry and Mobile Services Professionals

    Security Element and TPM features.


    @Fuzo Ready to serve Unbanked & Underserved Markets:

    Africa / India / ASEAN Countries / China / Latin America

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    • Presentation at Blockchain Event in Sydney


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    Identity across Mobile Devices

    Ryan Singer from Blockchain Health says "Your Identity" is the Possession & Control of a Quorum of Personal Devices

    Apple's Keychain works only for Apple Devices!


    So how can a multi-vendor problem be solved for many devices?

    How to communicate, navigate & express & control your very own TrustGraph ? >>> via Fuzo

    Each of these devices need a chip - FuzoToken is that chip!

    Blockchain Token for Identity!

    Fused Identity for all - Think Blockchain ID on a SIM / in a Phone

    "It's possible the blockchain could end up being the single, secure token element to certify the authenticity of everything” 


    BBVA - Chad Ballard, director of mobility and new digital business technologies at BBVA Compass.

      Fused Identity - Industry Proof Points

      Telstra - calls Mobile Identity - "The DNA of Trust"

        Fuzo ...

        1. Enables the fusion of Blockchains, mobile identity and security services on any mobile feature phone or smartphone 
        2. Delivers on the "Blockchains As a Service" industry promise with hardware embedded additional security and privacy. 
        3. Works seamlessly, part of the Blockchain ecosystem plumbing 
        4. Makes blockchains and keys easy simply invisible for anyone to use, everyday, inside their mobile, with "last centimetre ease”​
      • Founder & CTO

        Experience & Pedigree & Delivery Experience

        Chris Seatory

        Lead Developer

        photo pending

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